The environment, community and sustainability are the heart of what we do.

Our new website is coming soon!!

In the meantime, here is a bit about us.

At Outside Lives, we act as a catalyst to actively bring together members of the community, connecting people through shared interests through the provision of activities and events that support personal wellbeing and growth, whilst also celebrating and protecting our natural world.

Working with our community members and partners, we work to co-design and create sustainable, meaningful, and purposeful activities that help to strengthen relationships and form networks.Outside Lives is a community led social enterprise, set up by the people, for the people. We are committed to creating a culture of inclusivity and diversity across everything we do, ensuring that we offer a place of genuine inclusion for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability.
Our aim is simple, we are committed to creating a more robust, sustainable, and connected community for all.

Not for Profit

Outside Lives LTD is run as a Not for Profit Organisation. The activities of Outside Lives must positively impact on the creation or maintenance of robust and connected communities whilst exploring the central themes of inclusivity, diversity, co- production, and the celebration and conservation of our natural world.
The business is funded through grants, fund-raising, donations and revenue from particular events. Any revenue generated by the activities of the business are re-invested into sustaining and developing existing community initiatives or launching new ones.