About Us

Values & Vision

Our Values are principles that we consider central to who we are as an organisation. They underpin and guide our work and shape the ways in which we engage with our stakeholders, participants and audiences.

We promote personal well being, reciprocal & intergenerational relationships, connecting through interests , abilities & the environment.

All contribution is valued, endeavouring to break down barriers society has constructed through diagnosis, stigma, stereotypes & silos. Emphasis is placed upon creative, imaginative, collective action & innovative approaches; creating personal & community resilience through mutuality & the building of organic, sustainable relationships. We work alongside partner organisations and companies who share our ethos and values. Supporting small, local businesses and sourcing products and services from our immediate area is important to us.

Our core values underpin everything that we do here at Outside Lives:

Earth Care

We are environmentally conscious, committed to promoting, protecting and enhancing biodiversity, improving conditions to help native species, understanding and maintaining the natural ecosystems in existence. We believe it is critical that we teach the importance of this, increasing awareness and appreciation of the natural world, actively seeking opportunities to deliver this message.

Future Care

We demonstrate and promote sustainable living lifestyles and techniques. Whether this be through food sources, energy use, waste management, relationships, connections, etc. Inspiring people to reuse and recycle, look at ways in which we can manage our waste whether that be through composting or repurposing. Recognising the importance of limiting our carbon footprint, striving for self sufficiency whilst educating people on this way of life and helping people achieve it in their own.

People Care

We work together with our community members, co-design and create sustainable, meaningful and purposeful activity, leading to new (or stronger) relationships, genuine inclusion, better health and well-being. We aim to assist any person who wants support to promote their interests, abilities, skills and ideas, bringing together people with common interests and ideas, to co-create new activity and local community solutions.

Important Outcomes for People

We support people to achieve personal well being and recognise the importance of many outcomes

Opportunities to be active, promote physical wellness in people by participating and being involved in activities, exercise and occupation, exploring this outdoor space where fresh air and sunlight contributes to the overall felling of well being.

Opportunities to connect with likeminded people, to build relationships, work together, share strengths, skills and assets and unite through the shared experiences.  To provide a sense of belonging, inclusivity and togetherness.

Opportunities to take notice and enjoy the environment,  be mindful of the wonders of nature and observe the overwhelming beauty of the surroundings.  Providing spaces for relaxation, calmness and tranquillity, enabling people to step outside the hustle and bustle of their hectic lives.

Opportunities to grow, keep learning new skills, build confidence, achieve ambitions and make new discoveries.  To open up the imagination through music, art and play, boosting creativity and stimulating the mind.

Opportunities to give, to be part of, create and deliver experiences to people or sharing  of skills.